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Thursday, 10 October 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Witchcraft/black magic involves bloody rituals to evoke spirits, demons and devils and taking the help of such evil entities to cast magic spells on innocent victims. Since there is an underlying unity between Satan and his ilk so if need arises then thousands of Satanic entities can join hands to fulfill their evil agenda. A single black magician can have thousands of evil entities at his beck and call and if the need arises then thousands of other devils may join hands against the victim. So in case of VICTIM vs. BLACK MAGICIAN it is a fight of one against thousands. 
On the other hand, we find that an amil/spiritual healer also works with the help of spiritual bodies such as angels and pious jinnat. He also has to evoke positive spiritual energies which help them in their mission. However, unlike the tantriks, a Muslim spiritual healer evokes the spiritual entities with the help of the Holy Quran and not through some terrible ritual. After completing an amal (jalali or jamali in 41 days through Quranic wazaaif) an amil becomes equipped with spiritual strength which is enough to bring many black magicians to book. This happens due to the fact that the angels who help an amil are far more powerful than the devils possessed by the tantriks. So an amil can very easily quell the witchcraft spells by destroying the evil entities which are used against the victims. In this war between good and evil an amil will surely have an upper hand on the evil black magicians because the formers works in accordance with the Islamic tenets whereas the latter works in a diametrically opposite way. The tantriks worship Satan and try to appease him through sacrifices, both animal and human. They also commit grave sins in a bid to appease their lord-Satan. Therefore, in this war between positive energies of the pious, spiritual healers and the negative energies of the black magicians it is the former who wins ultimately because their work in an Islamic way and not against it.
If the victim takes up the responsibility of dealing with a black magician all by himself then he is actually playing with fire. Even if the victim is pious and spiritual yet he will not have access to the powers of angels/moakkils which usually help an amil. So by refusing to take spiritual help such a victim is paving the way for his own destruction. Moreover, it would not be an overstatement to say the dealing with witchcraft oneself would be tantamount to holding a sword for protection in one’s hands always. If a victim does so then will he be able to anything else in the world? All his time and energy will be focused on trying to protect himself so he will not be left with any free time to live normally, do his work without any tension or to spend quality tie with his family.
If a person is being targeted through Voodoo witchcraft and he consults a spiritual healer just like he would consult a doctor during physical illness, then he will be transferring all his tensions to the amil who can easily handle the problem due to his own expertise in this field. Whatever the level of black magic, dealing it on one’s own will not leave victim with practically no time for oneself whereas an amil is professionally trained to deal with paranormal and supernatural problems.
If a victim takes on the responsibility of braving with black magic then this would be commendable because it shows that at least he believes in the reality of black magic and is making an attempt to quell it. However, a major concern in such a case would be that there are chances that the na├»ve victim may eventually get over powered by the witchcraft practitioners due to the latter’s experience and an army of devils behind him.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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