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Thursday, 10 October 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

In order to cure oneself from this deadly spiritual warfare, which involves evil spirits; demons, devils etc, first of all one need to be on one’s toes- always. This is all the more essential if one decides not to seek professional help. Being alert is necessary because if the victims want to get rid of Voodoo witchcraft all by themselves, then understanding all the symptoms of black magic are essential. A devil-may-care attitude in situation such as this can make the victim end up in serious trouble. After all the victim needs to identify his enemy, the kind of magic being used against him and the ways of tackling with it. 
Secondly, fulfilling the obligatory religious duties such as Salaah punctually is also essential. If the victim is a spiritual person then he or she will definitely prove to be a tough bet for the shaman or tantrik. However, if a victim is a materialistic person with no interest whatsoever in the spiritualism or religion then half the battle is already won for the witchcraft practitioners. Those who have distanced themselves from Islam will not even have the faintest idea about Satanic whispers. Then how can they understand the intricate symptoms of witchcraft? So apart from being on the vigil, the victim also needs to develop his spirituality because the problem of witchcraft has a supernatural dimension to it. A problem can be solved on one’s own only if it is understood in the first place. If the victim is worldly and materialistic with no inclination towards spiritual beliefs then it will be a Herculean task for him or her to understand the nuances of witchcraft-about how it is practiced and what are its repercussions on one’s life.
The biggest goof up on the part of the victim would be to brush aside the topic of witchcraft, and to try moving ahead in life pretending as if nothing has happened. Ignoring these kinds of problems will give the witchcraft practitioners a golden opportunity to cast magic spells successfully, in the absence of any resistance.  

As I had pointed out earlier the victims need to be vigilant. They should pay attention to the symptoms of Voodoo witchcraft. Unnatural occurrences should not be taken lightly. For example: In many cases of witchcraft, bruises appear on the body out of the blue. I say ‘out of the blue’ because there is no prior mishap before their appearance. Neither does the victim fall down somewhere; nor does he get hurt. Yet bruises appear on any part of the body. A naïve person may look at such a bruise and think that he has got himself hurt somewhere. The victim will not realize that if he had really got hurt somewhere then the bruise would have been painful. However, the bruises caused by the evil entities are not painful but they leave a bluish black mark.
Another symptom of witchcraft which can help the victim diagnose his problem is frightening dreams. People experiencing witchcraft often see dreams of filthy toilets, cockroaches, graveyards etc. However, the naïve victims can ignore such dreams as mere nightmares. What they do not realize is that they are shown such dreams for a reason. These dreams unfold a story and they carry a message for us. It is up to the person whether he decodes the dreams and finds out the message which is being sent to him or he ignores them and gropes in darkness.  I have spoken at length about dream interpretation in one of my earlier blogs: HYPERLINK "" .
Moreover, without any knowledge of Quranic healing; the victim’s efforts to protect himself from witchcraft will go in vain.
The Mu’awwidhatayn, i.e. the last two Surahs of the Holy Quran are specially read in such circumstances, to seek Allah (swt)’s protection fro sorcery. Read both these verses 41 times each (with Durud Ibrahimi 11 times before and after). This amal should be done twice daily in a state of wudhoo with concentration.
Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said: ‘To keep the devils at bay and to destroy the effects of magic recite verses 54-56 of AlAraf’.
Recite Ayatal Kursi, which is the most powerful verse of the Holy Quran
Recite Quran daily or else at least try to listen to its recording.

These are a few remedial measures which the victims of Voodoo witchcraft can take to protect themselves.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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