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Thursday, 10 October 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Voodooism is a religious cult in which Voodoo dolls, animistic deities and witchcraft are used in order to create desired effects on the victims. The word ‘Voodoo’ is derived from an indigenous African word ‘vodun’, which means spirit.
Voodooism is based on the tribal religions of Africa. It was brought to Haiti in the 17th century by the slaves who practiced it.  So it began in Africa and went on to become popular in Haiti.

The basic ethos of the Voodooism is that there is one God who does not communicate with people at all. It is the loas or the spirits which interact with people and also help them out. Those who practice Voodoo have to serve the loas. The Voodoo ceremonies include dancing, animal sacrifices and rituals. The practitioners of Voodooism connect with the spirits and the spirit world through the medium of dance.
The Voodoo magic practitioners preferably use sympathetic magic, which is based on the assumption that a person or object can be affected supernaturally by its name or an article representing it.
Voodoo magic, like other forms of magic, is used in various ways such as necromancy and in making Voodoo dolls. Necromancy involves communication with the spirits of the deceased people for discovering hidden facts, which enables them to foretell future events. Through Voodoo dolls, which are an effigy of the victim, the Voodoo magic practitioners try to create motor-skill manipulation. In other words, they try to manipulate the motor functions of their victims against their will. If they are successful then they can make their victims like a puppet in their hands. These dolls are an example of sympathetic magic, which is based on the Law of similarity or the notion that like affects like. Since these dolls are made to resemble the victim and they have something significant from the victim (such as hair or clothing) so this makes it possible for a skilled voodoo magic practitioner to affect the victim adversely.
Another aspect of the sympathetic magic is the Law of Contact/contagion which is based on the idea that ‘once in contact, always in contact’. According to this folk belief, that which has been in touch once will continue acting on each other even from a distance- after the physical contact has been detached. The Law of contact enables a Voodoo magic practitioner to harm someone even from a great distance by using something which the victim has used or which has been a part of their body, such as hair and nail clippings.
In my next post Inshallah I shall discuss the harms of indulging in Voodoo magic and how those who practice it, put their eternal life at stake.  

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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