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Thursday, 10 October 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Abu Hurayrah (ra) relates that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘A Muslim is not bitten by the same hole twice’. (Bukhari/ Muslim).
The background of this hadith is as follows: Imam Ahmad (ra) wrote that a faithless person named Abu Ghurrah Hamji used to recite satirical poetry on Islam. When he was imprisoned after the Battle of Badr he pleaded for forgiveness by saying that he had a family to look after. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) felt pity for him and forgave him sans ransom. However, after getting freed he did not mend his ways and started reciting satirical poetry against Islam again. Coincidently, after the Battle of Uhad he was taken as a prisoner again. This time too he pleaded for mercy but Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) did not trust him and he said these words, which became a proverb in the Arabic language.
This hadith teaches Muslims a very important lesson that they should not trust deceptive people. Once we have a bad experience with someone, we ought to become wiser and vigilant. We should learn from our past mistakes. If someone breaks our trust once then by ‘forgiving and forgetting’ such a person we will end up in more trouble. Had Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) forgiven Abu Ghurrah Hamji for a second time then it is obvious that he would have gone back on his words and would have started doing propaganda against Islam.

This hadith also shows that experience makes us wiser. If we look around in the world we may find people who are oblivious about witchcraft, dark energies, spells etc. However, when such people become victims of black magic they suddenly become aware about this dark reality. They hire spiritual healers to help them and become alert. Such people can never get bitten by the same hole twice. Such people stumble and fall down once but then they get up and tread their path in a careful way. They learn from their past experience and start looking around for pits and try to avoid them.
However, we may rarely find such people who are vigilant and who have insight into witchcraft even before they experience it themselves. This is because there are not many amongst us who learn from other people’s mistakes. We do not sit up and take notice any problem unless we have to face it ourselves. Witchcraft is happening all around us. If we have not faced it as yet this does not imply that we may not face it in the future also. The devil is constantly on the prowl and he is trying his best to spread hatred, anger and envy in the world. So the next target can be anyone of us unless we make ourselves black magic proof. This brings me back to the same point again that if a person reads the Holy Quran he or she may notice that black magic has been mentioned umpteen times. Therefore, it will be wiser on our part if we understand the reality of black magic and try to protect ourselves from it instead of ignoring it, denying it or behaving like an escapist. Like the many challenges we face in life, black magic/witchcraft should also be taken up as a challenge and should be dealt with strictly without any laxity. It would be very fortunate if people could actually be aware about the reality of witchcraft right from the beginning. Taking precautions against witchcraft even before our first brush with it can help us in averting the attack or at least in alleviating it.   
Now coming to the self-treatment for protecting ourselves from psychic attacks, demonic possessions, Voodoo witchcraft etc let us explore about the endless possibilities of doing so. Yes! There maybe endless, devilish ways in which innocent victims can be harmed through witchcraft but at the same time there are numerous ways out of this inextricable maze too, Alhamdolillah. The plans of Satan are weak and so is he whereas Allah (saw) is All-Powerful. Therefore, we should call upon Him to protect us from evil.
In my next post Inshallah, I shall discuss about the self-treatment methods through which a person can diagnose his problem, find the right solution for it in the light of Islam and thwart the attack.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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